You trust your roof to protect your home and keep the elements out. So what happens
when your roof suddenly starts to leak, and what causes roof leaks? Read on to learn
about the common causes of roof leaks in Salt Lake City, what you can do about them,
and how M&M Gutters & Exteriors can help.

Roof Age Is Old

Typical shingle roofs are designed to last around 30 years, while metal roofs can last up
to 50. However, as roofs age, the materials used to construct them can weaken and
degrade, meaning water can more easily get in to cause a leak.

Ice Dams and Damages

An ice dam happens when ice accumulates on the roof’s eaves and extends to the
ground. These formations are created as snowpack melts and refreezes, which makes
the ice dam thicker over time. The water can enter any minor cracks in the roof or
between shingles, potentially leading to a leak.
However, the more significant concern comes when the water in the cracks refreezes
since it expands as it becomes ice. The expansion can create larger cracks in the roof
and even cause shingles and other roof fixtures to come loose, allowing water to get
into the roof structure and lead to roof leaks. With an ice-melting system, you won’t
have to worry about ice dams damaging your home.

Improper Roofing Installation

Improper installation is another common cause of roof leaks in Salt Lake City. The
problem could extend back to when your home was built, and the roof wasn’t sloped
correctly, which makes it easier for wind and rain to get under your shingles and cause
If you’ve had a new roof added recently, it’s possible the installers could have done
something wrong, like not laying some shingles correctly or causing some other
damage while they worked.

Flashing and Seals Are Degrading

Flashing is a thin piece of metal used to waterproof areas where shingles butt against
something else, like dormers, skylights, vents, or roof parts that go in different
directions. Since flashing is made of metal, it can rust and corrode over time, creating
holes where water can get into the roof’s structure and lead to leaks.

Skylights Are Leaking

Skylights are common causes of roof leaks in Salt Lake City. Leaks around your skylight
could be caused by poor insulation, damaged flashing, and improper installation.

Improper Maintenance

Your roof needs regular maintenance to help it last longer. Maintenance helps identify
problems early so they don’t lead to bigger problems like leaks or structural damage. If
you aren’t following a regular maintenance schedule — every six months is ideal — you
should contact a team like M&M Gutters & Exteriors to get started. We can inspect your
roof, make repairs, and prevent leaks before they start.

Pooled Water

Pooled water can put excessive weight strain on your roof, which breaks down roofing
materials and leads to leaks. If you notice water pooling anywhere on your roof, you
may need more drain lines to keep the water moving instead of accumulating.

Poor Repairs

Another common cause of roof leaks in Salt Lake City is poor repairs. Make sure you’re
working with a high-quality, reputable company when you need a roof repair in Salt Lake
County. Doing this helps prevent low-quality repairs that lead to leaks or more extensive

Shingle Damage

Shingles are the first line of protection for your roof, so when they are damaged or
missing, water can easily get into the other roofing materials and cause leaks. If you
notice any shingle damage, give our team a call today.


A membrane under your roof shingles serves as another protective barrier. Over time,
this membrane starts to shrink, pulling the shingles from their original positions and
creating gaps in the roof. The openings allow water to get in, leading to frustrating roof

Roof Penetrations or Structural Problems

Anything that goes into your roof is known as penetration. This includes items like nails,
screws, staples, and more. If the wrong fasteners are used during installation, your roof
becomes more susceptible to leaks.
Structural problems are also common causes of roof leaks in Salt Lake City. If your roof
isn’t sloped correctly or interior support structures are failing, water can easily get in and
cause leaks.

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Gutters Are Clogged and Overflowing

When rain gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris, water can back up and pool
on your roof. If you notice water pouring from specific places in your gutter, it’s time to
get the gutters cleaned and expected. To prevent problems like this in the future, we can
install a leaf guard over your gutters so they won’t clog up anymore.

Ventilation Is Inadequate

Another common cause of roof leaks in Salt Lake County is improper ventilation. If the
vents aren’t placed in the right spot on your roof, or there aren’t enough of them, it can
increase condensation and moisture in your attic. When this happens, the roof can start
to root from the inside out, causing further damage and contributing to leaks.

Cracked or Damaged Chimney

While chimneys are meant to help heat and ventilate your home, they are a part of what
causes roof leaks in Salt Lake City homes. Chimneys are susceptible to cracking as
they age, which lets water into the cracks and causes further damage. Additionally,
since chimneys go through the roof, they need flashing to waterproof them. That
flashing can fail over time, which also contributes to leaks.

Ridge Cap

If your ridge vent cap isn’t installed or sealed correctly, it will let water in and cause a
leaking roof. The best way to prevent this is to work with a professional roofing company
to ensure they install and seal the vent correctly.

Weather Damage

Pooling rain, heavy snowfall, excessive wind, and other weather events can easily
damage your roof. Extreme weather conditions can cause problems with shingles,
contribute to pooling water, and more, all of which can lead to roof leaks.


So, what else causes roof leaks? Pests. Any existing roof damage allows pests to get in
and build nests in your attic. From there, they can chew through wires, rip through
insulation, and more. Plus, as they come and go, their entry point grows, allowing more
water to enter and create bigger leaks.

How M&M Gutters & Exteriors Can Help With Your Roofing Issues

At M&M Gutters & Exteriors, we have extensive experience in gutters and roof repair in
Salt Lake County. We can fix existing damage, perform regular maintenance, and
replace the whole roof if needed. You can have peace of mind knowing that when it
comes to common causes of roof leaks in Salt Lake City, we can fix any problem, and
we won’t create new ones.

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