When it comes to protecting your home, gutters are likely not the first thing to pop into your mind. However, gutters do a lot to protect your home and the surrounding property. Of course, your gutter system is responsible for gathering rainwater coming off of your roof and redirecting it away from your house, but they also protect your home in other important ways. 


Continue reading below to find out the many ways gutters protect your home.


The Exterior Walls 

Gutters that efficiently function will keep rainwater off of your home’s exterior walls. Keeping your gutters clean and clear of leaves, sticks, and other debris will keep your gutters running smoothly. As soon as there’s a clog that prevents water from effectively moving, the gutters can overflow, and water will run down the walls of your home. This can cause damage to your home’s exterior materials and potentially cause water damage that can lead to more significant, costly issues.


The Foundation

If your gutters are unable to reroute water away from the base of your home, your foundation can become damaged. This damage can lead to severe problems that can be extremely expensive. If the ground surrounding your home is sloped toward its foundation, or your roof barely hangs over the exterior of your home, you can avoid major, pricey repairs.


Avoid Mold Damage

Water damage can lead to big problems that are typically pretty expensive to remediate. Mold is one of these big-ticket items. When parts of your home are damp for an extended period, it becomes vulnerable to mold growth. Not only is mold expensive to resolve, but it’s also a serious hazard to your health. Gutters will protect your home from water damage, thus protecting your home from potential mold problems.


Yards, Flowerbeds, and Gardens

A functioning gutter system will help keep your yard, flowerbeds, and gardens looking great. Downspouts are responsible for redirecting rainwater and melted snow away from your home and away from your yard. A yard without a gutter system is susceptible to erosion and swampy areas due to standing water (which has its own set of problems). Good-working gutters and downspouts will protect your yard from potential damage.


Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Standing water tends to attract critters, like mosquitos, other small bugs, and insects. When your home has no gutter system to divert water, the land surrounding your home can become a breeding ground for these pests. Additionally, gutters containing clogs tend to invite pests and small animals. These clogs become the perfect home for these little critters. Avoid unwanted these infestations with a clean, debris-free gutter system. 


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