As winter quickly approaches and the snow begins to fall, it is time to consider what an ice melting system can do for your property.

The end of the year is here, and so are the freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. Ice and snow can damage your home’s gutters, roof, the interiors of your home, and can immensely increase the hazard of slipping and falling. The good news is, there are several things you can do to protect your property and yourself from falls, including installing an ice melting system.

Learn how ice melting systems work and how they can protect you and your home below.

What Does an Ice Melting System Do?

Throughout the winter season, snow falls on your roof, and a portion of it will melt and run down the overhang of your roof. Because this part of your roof has no insulation below it, the water will drip and quickly freeze, forming icicles hanging from your roofline. 

While beautiful, these icicles pose a serious safety risk to people, either by breaking and falling on them directly or by dripping onto walkways and driveways, then freezing and forming hazardous ice patches on the ground and becoming dangerously slippery. Additionally, as the water in your gutter system freezes, it expands and can damage your gutters and work its way into the structure of your house, resulting in costly internal water damage.

To combat all of this, you can have an experienced professional install a system, also called a heat cable, from M & M Gutters & Exteriors. This self-regulating heat tape prevents ice dams and icicles from forming altogether. Our system automatically adjusts its power output to accommodate the changes in the temperature outside and puts out the exact amount of heat needed to prevent ice and ice damage.

The M & M Gutters system offers both 120 V and 240 V systems, depending on your specific needs. Our heat tape uses advanced technology to recognize when the temperatures drop; the polymer increases conductivity, producing heat. As the temps rise, the polymer decreases conductivity, and less heat is generated. The M & M system is highly durable, effective, ecumenical, and tested in the cold Utah winter climate.

Reasons to Invest In an Ice Melting System 

People all across Utah are benefiting from these systems. Here are a few reasons you should invest:

  • Reduce Risks — As previously mentioned, ice patches pose a safety risk, thus creating a massive liability for you or your business. An ice melting system will reduce risks immensely.
  • Save Money — Businesses must have clear walkways and parking lots; ice melting systems can eliminate the need for snow removal services.
  • Convenience — Forget about the days of spending hours shoveling snow. These systems climate the chore.

Install an Ice Melting System from M & M Gutters & Exteriors Today!

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