It is a common misconception that you do not need to out gutters with a leaf guard. No matter the quality of the leaf guard, build-up can still occur. It is a good practice to clean out your gutters and leaf guards about twice a year. This recommended amount may change based on the location of your property. For example, if you live in anĀ area highly populated by trees, you may need to clean out your gutters and guards more regularly.
An effective leaf guard will lessen debris and leaves from getting into your gutters. But there can still be a need to clear out the build-up that can collect around the guard and prevent water from draining. Gutters direct water from your roof to ideal areas around your home and prevent water damage to the siding and foundation of your home. Take the needed measures to keep your gutters working well by cleaning them (and their guards) out regularly.

You will need:

Gardening gloves
Safety goggles


Place ladder near where the gutter and drain spout connect. Make sure to have someone at the bottom of the ladder keeping it stable.
Climb up the ladder with gardening gloves and safety goggles on and bucket in hand.
Remove debris surrounding guard, placing the leaves and debris in the bucket. If needed, remove leaf guard and clean out the surrounding area.
Once all the debris has been removed, use the hose to rinse out the gutters.
Reattach the leaf guard.