With spring cleaning in full force, M&M Gutters has been busy helping dedicated homeowners wash away the grime of a long winter season. It’s a rewarding challenge to clean out gutters, spray out and organize garages, weed and fertilize your budding lawn and garden, and to wash windows and siding. Your home has likely taken a beating through our latest Utah winter, with snow, ice, wind, rain, and mud coming from all sides. Every house needs a good cleaning, and you’ll be shocked to see just how much grime and discoloration you’ve gotten used to on your home’s exterior.

Vinyl siding is popular because it is durable, affordable, and comes in a wide range of colors and designs. However, it isn’t invulnerable, and regular cleaning will keep pests and damage from weakening your vinyl siding. Pollen, droppings, rust, mold, and even insecticides and other chemical products you may use on your property can cause stains and discoloration in vinyl siding.

That’s why it’s critical to regularly clean your vinyl siding each spring. How To Properly Clean Vinyl Siding?

  1. Prepare. Walk around your home and remove any obstacles. You may take this opportunity to trim any shrubs, throw away trash, and look for any spots in your siding that may be in need of repair.
  2. Choose Your Cleaning Solution. There are many appropriate cleaning solutions for cleaning vinyl siding. The best and simplest cleaning solution for vinyl siding is 70% water 30% vinegar. This is natural, cheap, and effective. If you are worried about stains, mold, or a more dirty vinyl siding, you can combine half cups of powdered laundry detergent and house cleaner with a gallon of water and a few cups of bleach. If you have lots of landscaping and want to be plant-friendly, you can use oxygen bleach which will clean without harming any of your plants or landscaping.
  3. Consider Tools. At the very least you will need a bucket, rag or soft-bristled brush, and a ladder. If you want to make it more effective and efficient, you may consider cleaning your vinyl siding with a power washer. Try it on the lowest setting and be sure to spray in a direct line, not upward or an angle that will loosen your vinyl siding. For your final tool you might consider asking a family member or friend to assist you to make it faster, safer, and more fun!
  4. Go! Now that you are ready with tools and preparation, you can clean your vinyl siding. Choose a day with good weather, and be sure to thoroughly rinse any cleansing residue from your vinyl siding after it is clean. Take a before-and-after picture of your vinyl siding for maximum satisfaction!

If you have questions about your siding, gutters, or other home exterior help, M&M Gutters has all of your answers. We can help you with vinyl siding, gutters, leaf guards, renovation, exterior remodels, and everything that will make you a smart and happy homeowner. Check out M&M Gutters today!