Keeping your rain gutters clean, clear, and free of leaves, twigs, and other debris is very important.  Gutters that are clogged can cause serious damage to your homes foundation and exterior walls.  Clogged gutters can cause fascia boards and soffit to deteriorate and eventually rot and require replacement.  

Having a leaf guard, gutter guard or gutter cover installed keeps your home in good condition while improving its curb appeal.  M&M Gutters offers many several solutions to accommodate the specific needs of your home.

Wire Mesh

The Wire Mesh screen is a very cost saving and economical solution to clogged gutters.  These screens work very well on homes that are surrounded by trees that have larger leaves.  The dome shape that the wire mesh screen offers allow leaves and other particles to stay outside of the gutter and lets the wind keep the screens clean.  The screen is attached to your homes existing guttering system to keep them freely flowing.


The GutterRx is a flat aluminum screen that lays on top of your existing gutter and is completely invisible once installed and does not interfere with your roof.  It features small ridges that allow the breeze and wind to flow through and clean the screen off once leaves are dry. These ridges also help prevent buildup and help to slow down the water flow to make sure the gutter does not overflow.  

The GutterRx is installed and secured to the front and back of your homes guttering system which helps reinforce the gutter.  It is so strong, it can even withstand snow and ice buildup.  Because the GutterRx is an all aluminum system, you wont have to worry or stress about it warping or deteriorating as time passes.  

The GutterRX is completely enclosed to prevent birds, squirrels, insects and other critters from moving in and causing clogs.  The GutterRx is a great option for your home because it comes in several colors and sizes to meet your needs.


The LeafX is easily installed over the existing gutters on your home.  They are tested and built to bear the heaviest of rainfalls and come with a lifetime guarantee.  They are made of 100% aluminum and do not require drilling into the fascia or roof of your home.

The nose forward design of LeafX uses the law of surface tension to keep your gutters free from leaves and other debris that can cause clogs.  Rain will follow the curve of the hood and flow right into the preset openings in the gutter. Leaves and other particles, however, will fall from the gutter onto the ground below.

The LeafX guttering system comes in over 10 colors options to perfectly match the existing gutters.  M&M Gutters is proud to be a LeafX dealer and is authorized by the manufacturer to install this guttering system. Going through M&M Gutters ensures your system will be installed professionally and correctly.

Whatever your needs are, M&M Gutters is here to help get the job done well and beautifully.  Call us today to learn more about which system will best suit your home.