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Leaf Guards for Rain Gutters

Cleaning out your rain gutters is extremely important. Clogged gutters can cause damage to a home’s foundation and walls. Over time, this can cause the fascia boards and soffit to deteriorate and eventually rot. We offer several Utah leaf guard solutions to accommodate your home’s specific needs. Clogged gutters often end up costing you more and more money. It often leads to needing a soffit and fascia replacement and more.

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The Best Gutter Guards For Your Home

Identifying the best leaf guards for your rain gutters can be an overwhelming task — but not if you know what to look for. Find out why M&M leaf guards and gutter installation are a smart choice for Utah homeowners.

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What Do Gutter Guards Do?

Gutter guards are also referred to as leaf guards or gutter covers. They are installed over the top of your rain gutters, creating a barrier that blocks out debris while directing water away from your home. Ultimately, gutter guards prevent frustrating blockages that contribute to costly home water damage.

Gutter guards come in a couple of different varieties, including wire mesh leaf guards and aluminum screens — and the right one for you will depend mainly on the type of debris you get on your roof and your gutter system design.

Can Leaf Guards Be Installed on Existing Gutters?

What to Look for in Leaf Guards for Rain Gutters

When you’re trying to determine the right gutter for your house, compatibility and durability are two important factors to keep in mind. Do you have an asphalt, metal, tile, or flat roof? For example, asphalt shingles can be compatible with most gutter guard types, including mesh screens and solid covers, while tile roofs might only work with mesh screens that won’t shift around from the tile weight.

You also want your Utah leaf guards to last, so make sure to seek out high-quality products constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, or copper so your investment lasts.

Materials Used

M&M gutter guards are made of wire mesh and aluminum. We’ve chosen these materials because not only have they proven to be effective, but they’re also quite affordable and can withstand rough weather, extreme temperatures, and prolonged sun exposure. Aluminum and wire mesh leaf guards are also widely compatible with most gutter types and are relatively low maintenance. They’re even resistant to rust and corrosion and can last for years with occasional cleanings.


The prices of gutter guards often depend on the product type, material, size of your home, and how complex the installation will be. Remember that gutter guards are an investment, but they can prevent more expensive water damage to your home in the long term. M&M offers reliable quotes on leaf guard gutter installation, so there are never surprises at the cost of your new gutter guard system.

Can Leaf Guards Be Installed on Existing Gutters?

Wire Mesh Leaf Guard

Wire mesh screen is a very economical solution to clogged rain gutters. It works very well in areas that have larger leaves. One big benefit of wire mesh leaf guards for rain gutters is the dome shape that keeps leaves from getting into the gutter. It also allows the wind to help clean the screens off.

Pros and Cons


  • Cost-effective gutter guard option
  • Keeps out large debris
  • Reduces the need for frequent cleaning
  • Quick to install


  • Smaller debris can still get through — i.e., pine needles, seeds, etc.
  • Less durable than alternative guard types
  • Not as ideal for areas of heavy rainfall


    Gutter Rx Leaf Guard

    Gutter Rx is an aluminum screen that lays flat in the gutters to give it an invisible look. It has small ridges that act as channels for the wind to blow the screen off and not allow build-up. These ridges also help by slowing water flow to ensure the water does not overflow the screen. Gutter Rx attaches to the front and back of the gutter, which reinforces the gutter system.

    Pros and Cons


    • Discreet profile
    • Keeps out all sizes of debris, including small particles
    • Made of durable, rust-resistant aluminum
    • Reinforces gutter system to protect from the weight of rain or snow


    • Can be more expensive than other gutter guard types
    • Requires professional leaf guard gutter installation
    • May not be suitable for roofs with steep slopes or unique shapes
    • Occasional cleaning still required


      LeafX Leaf Guard

      The LeafX gutter guard is designed to withstand even the heaviest rain and snowfalls while preventing gutter clogs. It comes in high-flow and solid-cover designs to suit your needs. The nose-forward design uses surface tension to ensure ideal water flow, with rain following the curve of the hood into the gutter openings while leaves are shed off.

      LeafX comes with a lifetime no-clog warranty and is available at an affordable price.

      Pros and Cons


      • Most durable option
      • Ideal for places with severe weather
      • Available in different designs and colors to fit your home
      • Guarantees to prevent gutter clogs and ice dams
      • Prevents injuries associated with gutter cleaning


      • Professional installation required
      • Not suitable for all roof types
      • Require cleaning a few times per year
      • Can get dented if you lean against them


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