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Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters Installation Contractors

The purpose of Rain Gutters is to capture the water that comes off the roof and to help divert them away from the foundation to prevent leaking. Rain Gutters provide many other important functions such as:

  • Protect the walls of the home.
  • Prevent large icicles from forming.
  • Protect from water and ice getting on door steps and walkways.
  • Protect fascia and soffit from rotting.
  • Prevent foundation damage and leaks.
  • Protect landscape from forming a trench line.

K-Style Rain Gutters

K-style Gutters are on the majority of the homes in Utah. M&M Gutters offers seamless K style in two sizes 5″ and 6″. 5″ is the standard on most residential homes. Seamless gutter systems are an economical way to add value to your home while protecting it. We offer seamless K style in many different types of metals; Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized and Copper.

K-Style Rain Gutters Utah
K-Style Rain Gutters Utah
K-Style Rain Gutters Utah

1/2 Round Gutters

Half-round gutters offer a classic and elegant look to most homes. Half-round gutters have been around for centuries and some consider it to be a more superior gutter system. The rounded profile allows Half-round Gutters to increase the flow of the water. This allows all the water to flow out of the gutter, unlike the K-style which will have residual water remaining.

M&M Gutters has installed thousands of feet of Half-round Gutters on homes and many different historical sites throughout Utah. Half round gutters are offered in many different material types; Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized and Copper.

Half Round Gutters Utah

Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters are our Specialty. Copper Gutters can add an elegance and sophistication to your home. Copper metal is known for its durability over a long period of time. Copper adds to the value of your home and is aesthetically appealing. We offer Copper Gutters in K-style, Half-round and Box style. If you are looking to install Copper on your home, make sure and call our professional team to ensure a high quality install.

Copper Gutters Utah

Commercial Custom Box Gutters

Box Gutter is made according to the specifications of the building. It can be made in many different sizes and designs. This type of gutter is typically found on commercial buildings or older buildings. The biggest benefits of box gutters include; the ability to make gutters in thicker metals than standard formed gutters. The box gutter system can be formed to go completely under the roofing system to ensure a sturdy install. Also the size of gutter can be much larger to ensure capturing all the water that comes off the roof. To give some basic familiarity with Gutters, here are some Gutter Components:

Commercial Custom Box Gutters Utah
Colors Commercial Custom Box Gutters Utah

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