As vinyl siding decreases in popularity, homeowners are increasingly looking for alternatives that fit both their style and budget. Most importantly, they’re looking for siding that can handle their region’s climate. Your home’s siding can affect the look of your entire neighborhood, so you’ll need to research your options thoroughly. Don’t be the person who draws negative attention to your neighborhood. 

Keep on reading to explore siding options that will make your neighbors jealous. 

Specific Siding Needs

Before you embark on your shopping adventure, you’ll need to think about your home’s particular needs. Here are six main factors to consider when choosing siding for your home.

  • Water Resistance: Choose a siding with water-resistant properties if you want it to last longer. 
  • Easy Installation: Do you enjoy DIY projects? Be sure you have the adequate skills, tools, and equipment to take on this project. 
  • Aesthetics: Pick one that matches the rest of your home’s exterior, and in which you won’t get tired.
  • Energy Savings: Know what you’ll need for insulation beneath the cladding. Check the siding’s R-value rating for energy savings. 
  • Durability: Don’t pick the first one you see. How will it hold up against temperature changes? Will it stand up to everyday wear and tear? Will it attract hungry termites? 
  • Versatility: Make sure it’s strong enough to work with your home’s various needs. Avoid going for one that needs frequent adjustments, as these will be expensive in the long run. 


Every siding option has its pros and cons, and you’ll never find a perfect one. What might work for your neighbor might not work for you, and vice-versa.

Wood Siding

Wood is revered for its natural beauty and easy in which to work. It can last for generations with dedicated maintenance, and you’ll only need to reapply a clear finish every two years. Additionally, you’ll need to repaint it every five years. 

Termites love wood, and they’re infamous for settling on wood siding. Though this is excellent news for termites, it’s bad news for you. Fortunately, termites aren’t prevalent in every region, so investigate if this type is right for you.

Synthetic Stone Siding

You’re probably familiar with synthetic stone, as it’s commonly used as an accent on the bottom portions of walls and chimneys; it’s made in molds from a mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate, and it can replicate the look of different stone types and shapes. Many homeowners love to make their siding look like granite or limestone. 

Best of all, it’s fire and insect resistant. Remember, all of these features come at a price. Although it’s not a real stone, it’s one of the most expensive options. However, homeowners believe the price is worth it for the beauty and protection they receive.


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