We may be at the tail end of an extremely hot summer, but winter and the need for an ice melting system aren’t too far away.

It can feel like the cold, snowy winter season is a long way away, but the reality is that we’re just a few short months out from the snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. The exterior of your home, especially your roof and gutter system, takes a serious beating during this season, and doing what you can to protect your home will help keep it looking and functioning its best. One smart way to protect your roof and gutters this coming winter is to install an ice melting system, and now is a great time to get the job done!

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What an Ice Melting System Can Do for Your Home

Some homeowners may be tempted to skip the melting system and opt for a DIY approach. Chipping and chiseling away at ice dams and sprinkling salt on them can be harmful to your roof and gutter system and the shrubbery and other vegetation below. Not only that, but ice dams can make the ground below incredibly dangerous to you, your family, and anyone that visits your home. Thankfully, there are other, more effective, and less hazardous options, such as heated cables.

Heated cables, also referred to as ice melting systems, are seamlessly attached to your roof’s edge using clips in a zig-zag pattern. These cables help prevent dams from forming and hurting your roofing and gutters, not to mention serious hazards on the ground below. A melting system allows you to equalize the temperature of your roof by heating it from the outside, as opposed to other, less effective methods. 

The Best Time to Install an Ice Melting System

While professionals can install ice melting systems just about any time of year, given the right conditions, the best time to have one installed is well before the freezing temperatures, snow, and ice hit. Add having an experienced professional install a melting system to your spring, summer, or fall maintenance to-do list (at this point, your fall to-do list!) and avoid several headaches this winter.

Protect Your Roof and Gutters with an Ice Melting System from M & M Gutters & Exteriors

One of the best ways to protect your Utah home, roof, and gutter system this coming winter is to prevent ice dams by installing an ice melting system from M & M Gutters & Exteriors. Our advanced technology self-regulation heat tape prevents ice dams and icicles from forming altogether. Our system automatically adjusts the power output to accommodate the ever-changing outdoor temperatures and delivers the exact amount of heat necessary to stop ice and ice damage in their tracks.

Protect your roof and gutter system this coming winter season and have the knowledgeable and experienced professionals at M & M Gutters install a quality ice melting system today! Contact us today! We proudly serve Salt Lake County.