Climbing your roof is not the safest or most desirable way to clean gutters, but there’s another way to reduce the burden: installing leaf guards.

 Keeping your gutters clean and adequately flowing is a chore that should be done regularly to avoid clogs that can lead to problems, such as water damage and erosion.

Gutter guards slow down the accumulation of leaves, twigs, pine needles, garbage, nests, and other obstructions. These guards allow water to pass, while debris is washed over the edge or are blown away by the wind. With the wide variety of guards available on today’s market, you may be wondering which ones are the best. 

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Wire Mesh Leaf Guard

The wire mesh leaf guard is a cost-effective and economical solution to blocked gutters that attaches to your home’s existing gutters. These screen guards are ideal for houses that are surrounded by tall trees with large leaves. Its dome shape helps leaves and other debris stay outside of the gutter and allows the window to clear away particles.

GutterRx Leaf Guard

The GutterRx is a flat aluminum screen that features small ridges to allow wind to flow freely through and blow the screen clean once the debris dries. The ridges also prevent water buildup by slowing down the water to avoid overflowing. Best of all, these leaf guards are easily installed and secured to your existing gutter system and help reinforce them. They’re extremely strong and durable, and can easily stand up to snow and ice buildup. 

Another feature the GutterRx offers is that it’s completely enclosed, preventing birds, spiders, squirrels, and other critters from moving in and creating clogs. They come in various colors and sizes to meet your home style and design wants and needs.

Leaf X Leaf Guard

With their nose forward design, Leaf X leaf guards use the law of surface tension to help keep your gutters leaf- and particle-free to avoid clogs and blockages. As the rain lands on the guard, it will follow its curve, right into its preset openings, while leaves and other debris fall from the gutter to the ground below.

These guards are built to handle the heaviest, most intense weather, and come with a lifetime guarantee. They quickly install over the gutters that are already on your home and do not require drilling into your home’s fascia or roof. They come in 10 colors so they can perfectly match your existing system.

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