A common material used for home exteriors is siding. However, many homeowners can’t decide if wood or vinyl siding is better.

While wood siding was the go-to selection for homeowners and has been around for ages, vinyl siding has become increasingly popular and is the choice more homeowners are making.

Learn more about wood and vinyl siding below.

Wood vs. Vinyl Siding

The exterior of your home plays an important role in determining its value. A good looking, well-cared-for exterior not only enhances the look of the house but also affects its curb appeal. Homes with either wood or vinyl siding both look great and can improve your home’s exterior. 

Both wood and vinyl siding comes with their own set of pros and cons and reasons why a homeowner selects one over the other. Let’s take a look at the differences and similarities between the two:


Vinyl Siding

Pros — Vinyl siding is easy to install and is lower maintenance than wood siding. It does not require painting and is easy to clean. With many styles and colors available, vinyl siding is incredibly durable and will last for decades to come. This inexpensive material holds up well to moisture and humidity and can be used with foam insulation.

Cons — Vinyl siding is not as environmentally friendly as wood, and there are fewer options in terms of appearance. Vinyl siding can melt when exposed to extreme heat and can crack in freezing temperatures.

Overall, vinyl siding a good option for house exteriors. Because it is cost-efficient, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and beautiful, vinyl siding is an ideal selection.


Wood Siding

Pros — Wood siding comes in a wide range of style options and can be installed in several different ways. It holds up better in extreme weather conditions and is more eco-friendly. Wood siding maintains its value better, giving you a better return on investment, and will last between 20 and 40 years.

Cons — Because wood siding is, just that, made of wood, it is susceptible to wood-eating pests such as termites or carpenter ants. It is higher maintenance and requires painting or staining. Wood siding doesn’t hold up to moisture as well and is more difficult to insulate. Lastly, wood siding is more expensive than vinyl siding.

Overall, wood siding is a great choice for the exterior of your home. With its ability to hold up in extreme conditions and that it comes in various styles and customizable installation choices, it is an excellent option for many homeowners.


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So, which is better: vinyl or wood siding? It’s really based on personal preference and is up to you to decide. 

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